It all started in the Spring of 2020. The world went into lockdown and our founder Joseph started exploring further one of his great loves, coffee. 

He quite quickly discovered that in order to have complete control over the coffee he wanted, he would have to roast it. Since that moment, Joseph has been discovering the magic of freshly home roasted coffee from all over the world. 

Grasp Coffee currently offers 2 single origin coffees; one from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, and the other from El Salvador. Both these coffees are distinct in flavour and texture, but one thing is for sure - they're delicious! 

And what about the name?

Well our hope is that as you journey with us, you will begin to grasp coffee in a way that you hadn't before. Coffee is a drink to be enjoyed by yourself and with others, it shouldn't be complicated. And so our hope, as we deliver coffees from the world to your cup, is that you would come to love, and savour the gift of coffee as we do our best to make plain all the jargon!